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The Taming of the Mainstream Media

December 8th, 2016

“My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart concealing it will break.”

― William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew


Make no mistake; what we are witnessing at CNN and other mainstream media outlets following Election 2016 is historic.

CNN has lost the narrative and its power to Internet players Twitter, Facebook, Google and Wikileaks. Journalists are now twitter feed watchers. Tweets are the new 21st century press releases and “breaking news” alerts. Social media has replaced traditional media. All citizens are now journalists.

Why did this happen? CNN and the mainstream media forgot who they are.

There are four institutions of humankind: Government, Religion, Business and Non-Profits.

Governments are law-based, Religions belief-based, Businesses profit-based and Non-Profits cause-based. For instance, political parties are Non-Profits.

At some point in time, CNN began acting as a Non-Profit, not as a Business. They introduced bias into their product to the point that they became cause-based, not profit-based. It’s really just that simple.

That simple mistake has liberated the American people. We now enjoy “Freedom FROM the Press”.



CBS Musings – Update

September 21st, 2015

At the time of our last update, CBS was trading at $50.34, now its $42.71.  CBS market cap dropped from $22.4B to $19B.  Its 52 week price range is $40.75 to $63.95.

What happened?  The China meltdown/devaluation and the Federal Reserve decision to keep interest rates unchanged in September.

Although we need to be careful not to catch a falling knife, we believe the bottom is in on CBS.  We like this stock for day/swing trades (long) and expect it to trade in a range of $41.50 to $44.50 over the short term.  Results of these trades will be posted on Twitter @GrowthSavvy.

CBS pays a dividend of 1.4%, has short interest of 3.35% and has a trailing PE of 18.

CBS Musings

August 9th, 2015

At the time of this post CBS is $50.34 with a market cap of $22.4B.  Its 52 week price range is $47.83 to $63.95.

We like this stock for day/swing trades (long) and expect its floor to be $47.50.  For the short term we expect it to trade between its floor and $53.00.  The stock has been beaten up due to “over the top” concerns regarding the transformation of the TV/media/content business from bundled cable to unbundled internet.  CBS should weather this storm better than others.  Results of these trades will be posted on Twitter @GrowthSavvy.