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Target’s Bathroom Breach

May 22nd, 2016

BrianFCM-heroThe Memo That Should be Written, but Never Will Be

From:         Target Leadership Team

To:             Team Members

Dated:        5.22.16

Subject:     Bathrooms


Dear Target Team Members,

On April 19th we announced a new bathroom policy that allows men to use our women’s bathrooms.

In the past 23 trading days, our stock dropped 18% from $83.98 to $68.66 resulting in $7 billion in wealth destruction.  While our intentions were good, our approach was boneheaded. We forgot that we are a for-profit business, and instead acted as a political organization.

If we had to do it all over again, we would have approached this issue like world-class organizations who have implemented bathroom inclusivity with no loss of customer goodwill, no cut up store credit cards, and no customer boycott.

This was a $7 billion lesson learned, but at least our million dollar compensation packages are in tact. Our bad.


Your Leadership Team