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2016 Forecast: The market is tired and volatility will be king

January 2nd, 2016

wall streetThe market is tired and volatility will be king in 2016.  Trading will outperform investing and cash may well outperform the US equity market.  Expect a geopolitical or economic event to trigger a 10% or greater correction during the year.  The price of a barrel of oil will trade between $25 and $45 US dollars.



  • The Middle East – Iran/Saudi Arabia/Syria/Iraq/Israel
  • ISIS and Global Terrorism
  • Geopolitical and Financial Pressures of Low Oil Prices
  • Global and/or US Recession
  • US Interest Rate Uncertainty
  • South China Sea
  • Brexit Vote
  • Puerto Rico Bankruptcy
  • #BlackLivesMatter Movement
  • 2016 US Presidential Election

Bottom Line:  2016 is a year for asset protection, not greed.  Enjoy the ride 😀