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FitBit Musings – Fitness & Health Tracking is the Wrist Killer App

May 25th, 2016

UnknownFitBit is $13.90 a share and its time to buy.  All-time low is $11.91.  EV is $2.5B, ttm P/S is 1.6 and FY17 sales are estimated at $3B.  Consensus ’16 earnings of $1.17 and ’17 of $1.41 .  Wall Street can’t keep this down much longer.  40M shares short.  Next ER August 4th.


Payments, blood sugar and much more on the way.  The wrist is THE body real estate for wearables and FitBit is #1.  Lastly, the heart-rate lawsuit is frivolous and will not be a material issue.  Invest and trade at your own risk.

Target’s Bathroom Breach

May 22nd, 2016

BrianFCM-heroThe Memo That Should be Written, but Never Will Be

From:         Target Leadership Team

To:             Team Members

Dated:        5.22.16

Subject:     Bathrooms


Dear Target Team Members,

On April 19th we announced a new bathroom policy that allows men to use our women’s bathrooms.

In the past 23 trading days, our stock dropped 18% from $83.98 to $68.66 resulting in $7 billion in wealth destruction.  While our intentions were good, our approach was boneheaded. We forgot that we are a for-profit business, and instead acted as a political organization.

If we had to do it all over again, we would have approached this issue like world-class organizations who have implemented bathroom inclusivity with no loss of customer goodwill, no cut up store credit cards, and no customer boycott.

This was a $7 billion lesson learned, but at least our million dollar compensation packages are in tact. Our bad.


Your Leadership Team