2016 Forecast: The market is tired and volatility will be king

January 2nd, 2016 by James Wilson Leave a reply »

wall streetThe market is tired and volatility will be king in 2016.  Trading will outperform investing and cash may well outperform the US equity market.  Expect a geopolitical or economic event to trigger a 10% or greater correction during the year.  The price of a barrel of oil will trade between $25 and $45 US dollars.



  • The Middle East – Iran/Saudi Arabia/Syria/Iraq/Israel
  • ISIS and Global Terrorism
  • Geopolitical and Financial Pressures of Low Oil Prices
  • Global and/or US Recession
  • US Interest Rate Uncertainty
  • South China Sea
  • Brexit Vote
  • Puerto Rico Bankruptcy
  • #BlackLivesMatter Movement
  • 2016 US Presidential Election

Bottom Line:  2016 is a year for asset protection, not greed.  Enjoy the ride 😀




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